About Take2 Publishing

T2P is a specialist compilation publisher in the digital space.

Whether fiction or non-fiction … whether science or humanities … whether news or current affairs … the 'compilation' has been a welcome publishing niche since the beginning of recorded history … bringing together a plethora of minds and writers to illuminate a distant subject.

An 'editor' or 'curator' of the universe of ideas has always had a special place in the publishing pantheon. And in this third wave of publishing, in fact this tidal wave of words, an editor has never been so important. When you factor-in this current era of commercial Search Engine Optimization, we all know it can take hours to sort and sift through the potpourri of puerile results on every subject we're looking-for

So, that's what we do … we pan for the nuggets of gold and shape and fashion them into the jewelry of literature.

We do it, so you don't have to.

We add value to the hidden and lost written words. And not just for the audience, but for the writers and publishers alike.

We've developed the R.E.A.P™ publishing dynamic;

Research - We spend the countless hours sifting through the search engine results.
Edit - We create and shape the narrative flow.
Acquire - We ensure the authors get paid for their long lost work.
Package - We put it all together in an enticing form.

So, reap the rewards of republishing at T2P.

Our publications will be available in all key e-book formats covering many subjects and categories. They will be made available on all online sales platforms as well as directly from our dedicated web-store that will be attached to this site in the very near future.


Available Now

A multiple series of Guides covering the following topics;TV,
Cinema, Music, Politics, Business, Art, Sport; amongst many others


About the Principals

The principals of Take2 Publishing have many years of experience in the fields of newspaper and magazine publishing, ezine development, film and video production and games development ... all within the digital and analogue domains.


John Pruzanski
CEO/Managing Publisher

A storied business career spanning four continents and nearly four decades in the communications and business fields. After College in the US, Pruzanski produced feature films distributed by the likes of Village Roadshow in his native Australia as well as feature documentaries for the likes of National Geographic. He was also a journalist and editor at Fairfax's The Age in Melbourne as well as a publisher and CEO of a magazine group dedicated to Film and TV product. He established and ran video and gaming divisions for one of Israel's major media groups, partnering with the likes of Warner Home Video, the BBC, Electronic Arts and Activision.

In the digital field he established numerous start-ups in on-line gaming, interactive television and the plastic arts fields … pioneering work in digital galleries and exhibitions. He also developed some of the first electronic magazines in Europe.

Take2 Publishing brings him back to the world of the published word … his first and only true love.

"The internet has ushered in a new era of communications the likes the world has never seen. It's like Gutenberg on steroids to the nth degree … It will make the world brighter and grander, or greedy and empty. Unfortuneately, probably all of the above … but it'll be a great ride"







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